The flight to Singapore was short, and by the time we arrived at our small apartment the sun had gone down and it was time for dinner. We didn’t have the greatest place in Singapore, but that hardly mattered since we were just spending two nights there. The area around looked a bit run down, […]

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3 Days in Phuket

Three days spent in Phuket was plenty. My favorite part, or perhaps the only thing I really enjoyed, was the beach. Since it’s monsoon season in Thailand, the water wasn’t as clear, and there was some trash found floating in the water, but overall if the beach experience was great. The first day we went […]

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We awoke early Monday morning ready to head to the airport to catch our flight to Phuket. After a few hours of waiting (we could have slept quite a bit more) we boarded the plane and set off on our short trip to southern Thailand.   Just over an hour later we landed at a […]

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The Reclining Buddha 

Our third and final day in Bangkok came too quickly. The day started with the tailor coming once again to our house to deliver our now completed suits which look awesome!  We all felt like the quality was very nice and it was a good purchase overall.  Soon after, we left to go to the […]

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A Thai Massage At Last

Saturday began early with the tailor from the previous day arriving at the house to see us properly fitted for our suits. Where the slacks and shirt were mostly, if not completed, finished, the cost still had a ways to go and was barely recognizable. Mohsen, Jalil, and I felt well taken care of, and […]

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Dinner With a New Pal

We awoke early Thursday morning to catch the train for Narita Airport. Our plane departed at 10am and a grueling 6-hour plane ride later we found ourselves in Bangkok, Thailand. The Uber ride to the house we were staying at felt just as long as the flight. We arrived during rush hour and one stoplight […]

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Tokyo’s Waterfront

The initial plan of going to the fish market was canceled due to the fish market being closed this particular Wednesday. Instead, my day started with a great talk with my two sisters back home. Afterwards, I had planned to stay awake and have a more productive day, but after seeing no one else was […]

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A Walk Through a Monsoon

The night of the the third I officially spent the last of my Japanese yen on Jalil and my ramen. So on the fourth I really needed to exchange some currency. I decided to wake up early this day before the others to Asakusa because that’s where my phone told me the nearest exchange location […]

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Our First Sashimi in Japan

The main objective on Monday was to eat sashimi (finally) in Asakusa, just two stops by subway from our close station. Jalil and I left just a bit after Mohsen, his parents, Sadaf, and Jalil’s mom. We met Sadaf and Mohsen at the restaurant for the freshest tasting sashimi I have ever tasted. The ten […]

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